Regent's park
Regent’s park

London’s parks

In the rare days when the sun shines, make sure to take a walk in one or more of the amazing London parks. I went up to Regent’s park today and did some people watching, sat on one of those green sun chairs, bliss.

Here is a quick guide to the top 4 London parks, to help you plan your daily activities.

Which park is good for what?

All – good for walking, jogging, cycling

Hyde Park, South West London (central), nearest tube stations High Street Kensington, Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch:

Albert's memorial Hyde Park
Albert’s memorial Hyde Park

1. Visit Diana’s memorial
2. Walk around Kensington Palace, see the ducks and swans
3. Sip a coffee at the Serpentine and watch weird birds build their nests

4. Visit the Albert memorial – Queen Victoria really loved him and the memorial is fit for a royal

Tip: Visit between November and January and enjoy Winter Wonderland which gets built every year offering people a place to ice skate, enjoy fun rides and a German style beerfest village. Go during the week, and preferably before 5:30 as otherwise the crowds are crazy

Regent’s Park North East London (central), nearest tube stations Baker Street, Regent Park, St John’s Wood

1. If you are in London in spring, you need to visit Regent’s park and smell the roses. There are hundreds of rose species blossoming there and it is beautiful.
2. Go to London Zoo – London Zoo is right in the middle of the park and it is one of the coolest zoos in the world, you get to meet the animals, see them eat and play and in a pretty decent habitat
3. Primrose Hill of course – one of the few places with a view of London in your feet

Did you know? Regents park is a Grade I park, which means it is protected and it can never be built over

St. James park central London, nearest tube stations Victoria, St. James Park:

Pelican at St. James's park
Pelican at St. James’s park

1. The park has resident pelicans and one of them is called Willy – yes you can pet them
2. It is right next to Buckingham palace, so you can walk around and enjoy the view

Richmond park West London, nearest tube station Richmond:

1. Except for the cool walk from Richmond station to the park there is just one more thing
2. The deer – deer live and roam in Richmond park freely and you can go and see them. Do not approach them or try to pet them, they are wild animals at the end of the day

Did you know? It is the largest of the 8 royal parks and the biggest enclosed space in London.

If there is one thing London is good at it will be parks. If you are an animal loving, flower sniffing, power walking person, get your flats on and chose the one that suits your mood best.


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