You have now taken the first step towards your AirBnB hosting experience – made up your spare room, or your flat, and ready to get that listing going.  Setting up your basic listing is easy, a few steps and then you are ready to go. However, in a place like London competition is high. So how do you make it stand out?

When you are a new host, you do not get a star rating

You might be weirdos but let your future guests know, you are one of the good weirdos 🙂

It might be difficult for your first guest to make a booking without any references. AirBnB gives you the option to get references from your friends who are on AirBnB and you should totally use this feature to show that you are a good host (the good human that you are, awwww). Get a  friend that has multiple AirBnB reviews and has been on the platform for some time, as that will help boost your credentials until you build your guest reviews.

Get yourself verified. Adding a passport or drivers licence, adds to your verification checks and also makes you look more trustworthy as a host.

Spice up that listing


AirBnB provides you with a platform to be creative with your offering. You can add as much or as little detail to your listing as you want. I will advise – more is better in this case. Provide something special together with your space. I used to do small walking guides around the area for my guests, calling out places they might not be able to find themselves.

I add special kinds of amenities, so the listing would stand out. What I aim to create with my hosting experience is amenities on a hotel level – the cute little shower bottles, snacks etc.. If you want to find out more on how to do this, read my earlier post here. Adding quirky bits to your listing will help you get better reviews in the end of your guests’ stay (if you deliver on your promises I guess 🙂 ). One of my reviews does say that the experience felt a bit like a 5 star hotel, and they were thrilled with the little gift sets provided.

Talk to your future guests

Good communication is crucial, so be responsive and add as much value to them as possible. There is nothing worse than having a host who communicates badly. This will also reflect in your reviews, as Communication is a thing on its own there. When you chat with your guests, you can also gather if they are coming late/early/after a long flight. You can then adapt your welcome to fit the situation. I had a few guests coming from the Netherlands on a late flight, and I just got them some waters and a small bottle of wine as a welcome. They were extremely appreciative of the gesture, as that shows that you listen to what their needs are.

Get good reviews

Get those reviews flowing

Sometimes easier said than done. However, try your best. If you try to deliver on what you have provided in your listing, I am pretty sure you will 5 star-ing all the time. Reviews are crucial for your future success as I have mentioned a few times earlier, so make sure that your listing is realistic. Do not set yourself up for failure by over exaggerating your flat’s location or features. If there is a something a guest needs to be cautious of – call it out. I have had only 1 review that is less than 5* (a bit sad about it but it happens), however it made me learn I need to call things out. My apartment has stairs and I did not call it out prominently and the guest felt it was difficult going up and down and marked me down for this. Although I am sad it dropped my overall rating, I am happy that I could amend the listing to provide the information people need.

I hope you enjoyed my tips, happy hosting.

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