Jersey is  part of the Channel islands, located between England and France and is just 30 minutes away on a plane from Gatwick. It is the perfect place to do a quick getaway when the hustle and bustle gets much, enjoying endless beaches, Michelin star food and beautiful sights.

I had the pleasure of visiting back in March. The island is relatively small, and you can drive everywhere. St Helier (island centre area) is about 20 minutes drive from the airport. We stayed at The Club hotel, which is a centrally located, five star property which boasts a spa which I definitely recommend visiting, if you are in Jersey.

Below is an itinerary for a long weekend, that I would suggest if you visit the island:

The Botanical gardens

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Beautiful camellias

A beautiful area, you can drive to, which has some walking paths, beautiful camellias and horses and donkeys you can admire from afar. It is a lovely area to walk about and just relax. While we visited there was nobody else there, so it was a very relaxing experience. If you are staying at the Club you can actually walk there it takes about 30minutes, as afterwards you can just walk by the beach.

Walk/drive to the beach

If you went there walking, then head back, turning right at the roundabout you passed on your way to the gardens and you would be at the beach. There are small stands with food or some pubs on the way. Be mindful that food isn’t served between 3pm-6pm outside of the summer season months.

Mark Jordan at the Beach

This restaurant is a must visit when you are in Jersey. The food is delicious, the service is perfection and the location is beautiful. The ambience is a a nod to all seaside lovers as every detail somehow represents the sea. I am not the biggest sea food fan but this was divine, so you really need to try it out. The desserts are to die for as well but we all know I have a sweet tooth 🙂

Day 2

Have breakfast in the hotel. I love having room service, so I would recommend that option.

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Plémont beach

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I found this area absolutely stunning

Afterwards head to the north east part of the island and explore Plémont beach and the area. It was really windy while we were there but it was so beautiful. If the weather is peaceful, you can just chill by the rocks and admire the ocean. There is a cute cafe down by the caves but be mindful that they do not accept cards, carry cash. Drive around the area, the villages and the fields. We just kind of got lost around there, and visited some daffodil fields, depending on the season you can find those. otherwise you can drive back west and park somewhere and explore one of the foot paths around the La Grève de Lecq.

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Be happy as a puppy while you explore

#theislandbreak Visit Jersey

#theislandbreak Visit Jersey

Enjoy lunch somewhere on the way back, the marina area has some very cute spots but parking is limited.

Spa time

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The best reflexology experience ever

After a day of walking, head to the spa. I cannot recommend it enough. I had a reflexology treatment and it was one of the best I have ever had – no joke. I suffer from water retention and this helped me immensely and literally de-watered me for weeks. I am even considering flying down there again just to do that. The spa has a pool and a relaxation room, so you can just enjoy that and the free snacks lying around.

Day 3

Saint Helier Market

Visit the market in the morning enjoying fresh fruits and flowers. There are beautiful coffee shops and a cupcakes shop, which is worth visiting. Walk around this area full of shops, coffee shops and cute photo opportunities.

Bohemia restaurant

Head over to Bohemia restaurant for lunch. It is a one Michelin star, gorgeous ambience and great food. You will need to fuel up before going to explore the picturesque beaches in the South.

Beauport Beach

#theislandbreak Visit Jersey

#theislandbreak Visit Jersey

Once you have finished up your lunch, pack up and head over to the South part of the island and Saint Brélade. You can also do this on day 2 if you are more of walking person as the area boasts a huge park, on top of the beach which can take a good half day going around and enjoying. The views around this area are stunning, there are some steep hills to go up and down in order to reach the beach but they are definitely worth the effort.

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La Corbiere and the lighthouse

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This is a breathtaking area, it kind of feels that you have reached the end of the world and magic is happening around you. It is simply beautiful to walk around, and observe the ocean, all the happy puppies walking about and of course the Lighthouse.

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Last but not least, you should visit The Atlantic hotel. We found it a bit by accident but it is a stunning property and well worth an afternoon tea or just a coffee stop. It is nested literally at the end of the world, the interiors are beautiful and the service is perfect. There are grounds to walk about or just sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. If you are into golf – they have it.

These are my top tips for experiencing Jersey, and the activities I enjoyed the most while visiting the island. Bon Voyage.

I was invited to visit the island by Visit Jersey.


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