The Renaissance is a beautiful period and probably one of the richest in history when it comes to art and literature creation. The awakening. So it is only fitting that the hotel that chose Renaissance as their brand name, do not shy away from the beauty that period demands for.

Renaissance hotel St Pancras
One of my favourite photos I have taken of the place

Some history

The Renaissance hotel St. Pancras’s story begins in the 1860, when the Midland Railway decided it wants its own tracks and train station. The vision of George Gilbert Scott – the chosen architect, was to create a station that eclipsed all others, and I think even in 2019 we can all agree, he absolutely succeeded.  It was known as the ‘cathedral of railways’ and opened its doors in 1868. Adjacent to the station, was the Midland Grand, where the Renaissance St Pancras proudly stands today. Unfortunately not all fairytales end well, so in 1935 the hotel had to shut its doors due to high maintenance costs and increased competition – it just could not survive financially. Reading up on its history between 1935 and 1967, I am pretty shocked to learn that pretty much every man and their dog tried to demolish the building and ‘modernize it’. It gets me wondering what is wrong with people – how can one ever think of destroying such master piece? Thank Sir John Betjeman for having an eye for beauty and more common sense than everyone else, who after years of fighting got the hotel listed as a Grade 1 building, ensuring its preservation. Amen. In modern terms he allowed us to have the Spice Girls, the purple Figaro, the best Old Fashioned cocktail in town and of course the backdrop for countless blogger/Istagram shoots (I am unsure if he thinks the later was worth his efforts but we are grateful :D)

What about today?

Renaissance hotel St Pancras
If the Spice girls did it, so should I? 🙂

The rooms are stunning what can I say? it is definitely a different experience to a normal hotel. The design, the architecture, the fact that you are overlooking the Eurostar come and go – it is a special experience. The ceiling in my room was around 5m high, it is crazy to see. I have never seen a room with such ceilings and windows. The colours are rich and beautiful, it is all just perfect.

Renaissance hotel St Pancras

Renaissance hotel St Pancras
Hello or Goodbye?

However, the star of the show – the staircase. What a beauty. I can just sit and stare at it all day long. I love Gothic architecture and this is just a masterpiece, from the architecture to the design details, to the colours that are so bold and yet work together so well.

The food is fabulous, if you can get yourselves into the lounge it is also a lovely experience and the staff is amazing.

Renaissance hotel St Pancras

Renaissance hotel St Pancras
Morning feast

I would say that if you want to experience London in a very unique and luxurious way, that would be the hotel for you.

Photography: Irina Gorskaya


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