The perfect weekend, dreaming of it on a Tuesday. I am sure I am not the only one either, so let’s talk about it. A few weekends ago, I had a beautiful weekend spent with my lovely Matilde @mylondonfairytales , and here is a quick weekend getaway idea for you. East London is diverse, so what do you say we mix it up a bit, start at the Four Seasons, all 5 stars, end with a .40p bagel to die for? Up for it? The read on.

Lunch at Mei Ume at the Four Seasons

Mei Ume Four Seasons
The Four Seasons, Tower Hill

Matilde knows how to treat a girl to lunch, so we headed to Mei Ume. If you like Asian cuisine, you would absolutely love this place. The good thing is, it is also much more quiet on the weekend, compared to the busy City week days. The cocktails are absolutely fabulous, beautiful, light and yum. The food is great with a twist. My main course literally got cooked in front of me on the table, and it was pretty cool to watch. The desserts are inspired, visually and taste wise. The decor is so beautiful, that after your meal, you should just relax and enjoy the colours and patterns surrounding you.

Mei Ume Four Seasons
The interiors are inspired
Mei Ume Four Seasons
Mei Ume Four Seasons
This dessert was so beautiful, it was difficult to eat it and destroy this symmetrical perfection but we sacrificed ourselves and did it 😀

Walk to Andaz liverpool street station hotel, exploring the City

Sunday in the City
People? What people?
Sunday in the City
Oh OK, there is 1 🙂

A short walk around The City of London on a weekend, is a very different experience, compared to a week day. Empty streets, almost no people but the same beautiful architecture everywhere. You can admire places, you will struggle to see during the week, and you can also enjoy the peace and quiet. I find the City utterly gorgeous on a weekend, and very much off putting during the week (soz). You can check into Andaz Liverpool Street Station for your weekend staycation.

Beigel Bake, Bricklane

Beigel Bake
If you are into bagels, you must try this, it is SOOO good

Once checked in and relaxed, walk over to Bricklane for an afternoon stroll. I am not a crazy fan of it but I am a crazy fan of the Beigel Bake’s bagels. OMG, you have not eaten a bagel until you have eaten one of theirs. My ultimate dream is to sit in this shop and eat bagels until I faint from eating all the bagels I can. They are delicious. Those guys are open 24/7, they only take cash and the price of a plain bagel is .40p. So looking at the maths, my dream can come true I think.

Have a coffee at Aida

Aida Shoredich
Have you seen this before? If not, ah well it is insta famous

Aida Shoreditch is the most picturesque coffee place. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, the below photo sure would. Their rose/beetroot latte art, has made the rounds on Instagram. I do not like the latte, I like normal coffee but it is worth having one to try and also to photograph – it is pink perfection at the end.

Have dinner at Damascu

Ok, this is a really off the beaten path suggestion, however if you like Middle Eastern food, drop by the Damascu bite on Brick Lane, on your way back to the hotel. It is inspired. It is tiny, with beautiful tiles and music, and the food is as authentic as it gets.

Go back to snooze and maybe enjoy a bottomless brunch in bed from Andaz on a Sunday 😉 x

Andaz London Liverpool street
Look at this spread, who wouldn’t want this to start a Sunday?

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