I merely do not venture East often enough, so having the opportunity to do a quick staycation with Andaz London, Liverpool street was a welcome incentive.

The Location

Andaz London Liverpool street

The hotel is located right off Liverpool street station and is super convenient to access the city or central London. It is also super convenient to access one of my favourite places in the East – The bagel shop Beigel Bake (about that later on). Andaz Liverpool street is nestled in a red brick Victorian building and is one of the original Railway hotels, dating back to 1884.

The interiors however are super modern. With edgy design features and a centre piece of a spiral staircase, it is a dream for the contemporary person’s eye. Now, if you ask me, I would have kept the interior classic Victorian style as well, however I can appreciate that the City is all modern, sleek and clean cut, so i guess it fits better.

The Room

Andaz London Liverpool street
The bed is huge and comfy, and dreamy, and I love it

It was spacious and with beautiful views over Liverpool street. It is very quiet actually, although situated on a busy street, so I had a really nice sleep. A huge TV, right opposite the bed, and enough space between the bed and the TV to line up a few people to watch on the floor 🙂 I love a good TV watching session on the carpet, so I appreciate hotels with space for that. Also, London is often stingy with space when it comes to hotel rooms, so Andaz Liverpool Street definitely over delivers on this.

Andaz London Liverpool street
I pulled the curtains and took a nap, I admit
Andaz London Liverpool street
Who doesn’t love working in bed photo: @mylondonfairytales

The bed was super comfy, different sized pillows and fluffy duvets, make for the dreamiest sleep.

There was a coffee machine with cute mugs, so as usual, thank you for that. The desk area had some cool books and funky artwork was hanging on the walls.

Andaz London Liverpool street
The coffee machine had its own art piece you know

The bathroom is also super spacious and art deco. Love the separate bath tub and shower. I just hate bathrooms that combine both in one (look at me all fussy today).

Andaz London Liverpool street
Monochrome is always a good idea
Andaz London Liverpool street
Like really

The food

Andaz London Liverpool street
Look at this spread, who wouldn’t want this to start a Sunday? Photo: @mylondonfairytales

We had Brunch in bed, a new feature from Andaz Liverpool Street. It was a good spread of healthy starters and eggs, paired with a bottle of bubbly. Bottomless brunch until 12, so off you go.

Overall I really enjoyed my stay, so thank you @mylondonfairytales for the invite. Read about our perfect East London weekend here.

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