Current flat situation:

Here she goes again, talking about flats. Even I am rolling my eyes at this to be honest. However, my flat hunt continues mere 5 months after the previous one. I think I might be slightly unlucky with this whole apartment thing but honestly, what is wrong with people nowadays? Gone are the days where you could just assume that paying rent on time, keeping the flat clean and being quiet gives you the privilege of being a ‘good tenant’, and when you have a request for your landlord they would do it.Β  I have had sewage problems in the flat I rented, since end of July, and my landlord just didn’t fix it. All kinds of excuses, blah blah and the end result is, I am living in a flat, for which I pay full on rent, that smells like sh*t. How is this considered normal or acceptable?

Flat hunting in London
Had to feature cat number 2 too πŸ™‚

I had to trigger my break clause, after which I kept on getting harassed by the agent to provide access to the property immediately, so they can show it to prospective tenants. How is it that the landlord and the agent, can do whatever they please but then I cannot deny access to them to enter the property for which I pay rent. This is just a weird logic. I have denied them access, as when you rent an apartment you have the right of ‘quiet enjoyment’ (FYI if you didn’t know that), which means nobody can enter without your permission while you are paying for the property.

The flat search:

Flat hunting in london
Feeling home, kind of

London’s rental market has turned into an absolute jungle. Going through it again so soon, has just made me realise all the weird rules this city has for you to pay someone money. I had this agency send me an email 10 minutes after I inquired about an apartment on Zoopla, point blank asking me if I am legally residing in the UK and if I could send them proof?

Flat hunting in London
I love this wall art by Desenio. Looking at it, while I was filling out the application, I was very tempted to respond to the credit checks, ‘No I roam the streets aimlessly ,looking for work’ and this is why I feel Kensington is the best area for me to live in

Going to views flats that have nothing to do with the images on the website you find them because they are extremely photoshopped or just plain lies. Upper ground floor flats in the basement but with a ground floor garden, a flat that didn’t have any front walls but floor to ceiling PVC windows, overlooking the main road, I even saw a flat that had managed to move its location pin so one could not see it was at a main road on the map (because I won’t see that when I go to view it).

Flat hunting in London
Spending time to make my current home look good. Art: Desenio Chair: Maisons du Monde Image: @mylondonfairytales

I just had to fill in a lengthy reference questionnaire asking me so many things including my legal status of residing in the UK (like are you border control), how much money I make (OK) and any additional income I need to declare (like, hello HMRC).

In the meantime, saying goodbye to my current flat, doesn’t mean saying goodbye to some of the lovely pieces I have managed to acquire to make it feel home. So, they are coming with me.

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  1. My daughter is moving to London to attend City University of London in 5months. Any areas near the Uni not wildly expensive? She wants a 1-bedroom apt that takes cats 🐈

    • Hi Carolyn, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I think if your daughter looks around Hackney and Dalston she should be able to find something appropriate, as the area is much more animal friendly than West London. Good luck x

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