Image credit: Some eCards
Image credit: Some eCards

Hello digital trends 2017

I cannot start a new year without looking forward, throwing in my predictions for the digital world in 2017. I am a general believer that if I (or anyone else as a matter of fact) truly knew what would happen in the coming months/years, myself (together with them)would probably be on one of those top Forbes lists. Given that we are not yet there, I would call these ‘my humble thoughts‘. 🙂

In no particular order, here are my 8 predictions

  • Social

    – It is here to stay. All the critics of ‘social drives no ROI‘ will have to take a backseat. Social content, brand advocates and influncers will continue to grow their influence over the customer. More and more people will turn to social platforms for brand advice, inspiration and research.

  • Content

    – content shall remain the crowned king of digital in 2017. Brands will need to be more creative in developing engaging content, as the competition for customers’ attention will become even more fierce. Video will continue to raise as a storytelling medium, and I believe that Facebook will probably achieve its aim to be a video content platform in 2017.

  • Data

    – Data never really goes away as a key trend. Having more of it, more powerful tools to gather it and analyse it, will become even more key in 2017. Customers are becoming more savvy in terms of their digital expectations, and data is the the driver behind exceed these. We, the customers, provide a lot of data every time we log in anywhere. Brands better be ready to start using it properly in 2017. I will no longer interact with brands who do not wish me happy birthday, send me generic emails and do not recognise my preference (just kidding but you get the point).

  • VR/AR

    – I wrote an article earlier this year on my predication for VR having its grand adoption in the coming year or so. I think the ‘Matrix’ world is coming and VR is the future. I think iot will be interesting to watch brands adopt it. Read my full article here.

  • Bitcoin

    –  My wild card prediction. This funky currency has had a turbulent couple of years, going up and down. I will place my bets that it will make it big in 2017. Having a full on digital currency in a  completely digital world sounds about right to me.

  • Voice

    – Another favourite of mine. I cannot be the only person fed up of typing in this world. Virtual assistants, IoT are all coming and are voice controlled (yeii). I think the trend of voice controlled applications and processes will continue in 2017. I think we will experience a major shift into a voice controlled future.

  • Think on your feet

    – Being quick, resilient and agile will be extremely important in order to succeed in 2017. Digital has reached a stage where concepts change fast and brands need to be able to react quickly. This is becoming more important compared to the past years because digital has reached increased level of penetration and sophistication. This makes it more difficult for a brand to stand out or maintain its status without constant innovation.

  • The algorithms of it all

    – More people with access to the internet, more smartphones, more data, more websites, more time spent online = more algorithm updates. Being a Digital marketer I live by the algorithm changes introduced by Google/Facebook/Instagram. I am sure 2017 will add more to that, with new updates coming through, ensuring a more rigorous pay to play model. I believe most changes will be to allow those platforms to maximize their revenue from ad sales, rather than for content optimisation.

Let me know what do you think or let’s discuss in December 2017 🙂

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