It was a new territory for me when I got invited to my first immersive dining experience in London. I did not know what to expect or how to feel about it, however I was really curious, so I headed off to Pedler street station.

The Murdér Express

The Murdér Express is a luxury train carriage on Pedler Street station, where you walk through and you step back in time – to the beautiful 50s. The platform, the people, the drinks the bar, the light – it all says goodbye Instagram hello pearls and feathers.

Murdér Express
The cast is really good

Get a drink by the platform bar, and then off you go to board the train. The carriage is beautiful – 8 booths for 6 people each, so you can definitely go with a group of friends. Or you can totally go solo, given the interactive nature of the dinner, you will have fun all the same. The plot is – the train is headed off to a small village in France called Murdér, and there are a few main characters coming on the journey with the guests. There is a 5 course meal included with the experience, and I can say the food was beautiful.

Murdér Express
The food
Murdér Express
This was such a hearty, homey meal

Thank Billy and Jack, winners of Master Chef 2016 for that yumminess. Once everyone had boarded, the train starts ‘moving’ and then the act begins. The characters will come and sit at different tables and you can participate as much or as little as you want. I found it very non intrusive, super fun and overall the storyline was really good as well.

Murdér Express
Telling us a secret, asking us a question, who knows 😉

I won’t tell you what happened, as that will diminish your experience but expect the unexpected 😉 If immersive dining is your thing, check out the tickets here.

I will have what she is having, Distillery Notting Hill

The Distillery Notting Hill
A #shoefie moment before we enter

My second favourite is the movie experience at Distillery, Notting Hill. Dine with food inspired by your favourite movies in an intimate setting on top of Portobello Road. From Casablanca to Silence of the Lambs, the food was absolutely inspired and the drinks it got paired up with were pure perfection. The room hosts about 12 people I believe, and the experience is very much more personal, as all guests sit together. I think this is a perfect dinner activity for someone visiting London solo and wanting to dine with a group. During my experience we had a few people who were on holiday in the UK and just wanted a social experience and it worked really well.

The Distillery Notting Hill
Some inspired cocktails
The Distillery Notting Hill
Can you guess what movie this dish comes from?

The light in the venue is very dim, to imitate a movie set. The table is set with pop corn to start with. There is a guy who come sin and out to introduce every course and talk about the movie that inspired it. This experience has a little bit less action compared to Murdér Express, so if you want to dine without any participation this is better for you. There is a 5 course meal, paired with lovely cocktails that come in so many different shapes and forms – I was pretty impressed with the cocktail creativity.

The Distillery Notting Hill
Colour changing cocktails – included
The Distillery Notting Hill
Final colour state

If this sounds more like your type of immersive dining check it out here.

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