Recently, I have started getting a lot of questions about editing my photos on Instagram  and camera tips. I am always so genuinely delighted when people ask.  However, I am also surprised about it. I always think that I am not a professional, and I feel like I am constantly winging it (imposter syndrome anyone else? 🙂 ). I see a lot of people sharing editing tutorials on Insta etc… and I never felt like my knowledge (or final product) was good enough, for me to share tips on editing.

So, I am writing this article to answer all the questions I have gotten recently on: How to edit photos for Instagram and the apps that I use?

What camera do you use?

Deyana behind the scenes

I only use iPhone 6/7/8 (they upgrade through time) for my Instagram, I just find it easier. I do use an Olympus as well for imagery on my blog, as a camera still gives me a better resolution on the blog images I need. I am still learning how to use the camera, so I won’t comment too much on it. When it comes to my phone – I make sure to clean the camera every so often while I am out, to ensure the photos are as crisp as possible. Using your sunglasses cloth, cleans the camera lens the best. Also, watch the light – capturing the right light is as important as what you are shooting. My favourite times to shoot are early morning at sunrise and at dawn. The light is very different but always super complimentary to the image.

What apps do you use to edit?

Deyana behind the scenes

I use Snapseed for my Insatgram, as well as Insta’s own editing tools. I do individual edits for each image and do not use presets. I use Lightroom to edit images on my blog, however I still use Snapseed if it is minor edits. I am not a  big believer in changing too much of the original quality of the image, hence why I stay away of presets and try to keep it as real as possible. I change my style a bit based on season. I favour dark colours in autumn and winter but then go brighter for spring and summer. This is a concept I am testing this year. I do not use Photoshop, as I think it takes away the concept of being real, so I never edit out people or whatever there is in a scene, I never add things to an image. It is what it is. Please do not take this as me thinking that editing in photoshop is wrong, everyone has their style. I am just talking about mine here. I follow a lot of accounts who use all kinds of editing techniques, as I find the images stunning but I prefer a more raw type of photography for my channels.

What apps do you use for your stories?

Deyana behind the scenes

Now here it goes a bit crazy 🙂 I use Hype Type for cute videos and text overlays.  I use VidLab for video effects (primarily in winter for snow and sparkles). Then I use Over, for my Stories the past month or so, as it has everything one can imagine – backgrounds, gradients, fonts, logos, crazy things. Unfortunately all apps are paid for and the free versions either come with a logo watermark or limited features. I think the above 3 cost me about £70/year. I do not use face enhancer apps when I shoot videos of myself, only filters to amend the light tones. Again, I do try to maintain things as realistic as possible and although I love some of snapchat or Insta’s filters I think I have used them only 2 times in my stories the past 18 months.

I hope these help, happy to hear your thoughts and questions. Once again, thank you for asking me these questions in the first place. I would have never thought that the day will come where I had to write an article like this. All the love to you guys xoxo

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