Cannes, ah the beautiful, magical town nestled in the South France. The epitome of classic luxury. Needless to say, I got extremely excited getting to visit last month, and also getting to stay in no other but Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes.

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
Landing in Nice is absolutely stunning

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes invented luxury it seems, and I had the most fabulous experience during my stay. I got picked up from Nice Airport and driven straight to Cannes, to only be whisked away to my enormous room, overlooking the pool and the Mediterranean . I genuinely felt like a princess.

The room

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes boasts 347 rooms and 2 penthouses. My room was huge and there isn’t one thing I can moan about – everything was perfect. My favourite part was the operation of the blinds via the switch next to the bed. I could entertain myself with that for ages but joke aside. There is nothing prettier than laying in your fluffy bed and slowly opening the blinds, to wake up to the most stunning view, without doing anything more than moving your finger.

I had a breakfast on the terrace but funny story of what happened in between me setting up the table and taking the below photo. I literally went inside to grab my camera and a seagull flew over the table only to get scared of me popping out again and grabbing one of the preserves by mistake instead of a pastry. It was hilarious but – protect your food if you stay outdoors, seagulls are mean.

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
This view is something I wish i could wake up to every day

The hotel has its own private beach, beach restaurant and lounge, as well as pier. It is the best experience to just lounge and sip your coffee or a glass of wine.

Isn’t it just so romantic, and I love the white vibe

The suites

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
One lucky bird

I was really lucky to be taken around the hotel by the guys at Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes. We started at the Penthouse, on the 7th floor and oh boy is this one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever seen? Yes it is by the way 🙂 The Penthouse boasts a roof top pool with the most stunning view of the Croisette, the bay and the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea. Two huge bedrooms and bathrooms, walk in closets, entertainment areas and anything you can think of is available for you as a guest of the Penthouse.

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
I got a little too excited about the photoshoot I guess 🙂

A little further down the stairs is the Dior Suite. It is owned and used by Dior for the Cannes film Festival to dress all the ladies and gentlemen wearing the brand on the red carpet. Ula-la-la. Even walking around it, empty of all the couture, I could feel the sense of all the famous people who have been dressed to impress in there. The suite itself is available for guests to stay in when not in use by Dior. Everything inside is designed by Dior including the fluffy pillows, bath amenities and the coffee table books.

I really enjoyed the activities organised for me by Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes. As a guest you can do any of these while staying there too.

Cook with the Chef

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
Chef took me to the market

I had the pleasure of going out with the Chef, to the local market and learning about locally sourced ingredients. Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes, only sources local fruit and veggies for their restaurants. It is healthy, organic and supports local farmers.

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
The market is just a 10min walk from the hotel

We then went back to the hotel and made an asparagus starter. Now, I am a really bad chef but the actual chef was really patient and fun to work with, so we got there in the end and I even ate what I created.

Wine tasting

It was my first wine tasting in years. I once tried to do a sommelier course and got told I have no taste for wine, so I kind of gave up on pretending to understand what I was drinking. Fast forward to this experience and it turns out, I do actually have a taste for wine and can recognise tones in it etc… It was a lot of fun tasting and pairing with some nibbles.

Food and Spa

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
A beautiful fine dinning area

There are multiple restaurants and bars across the hotel, serving every taste. From casual beach bar vibe to fine dinning – you have everything at your fingertips, throughout your stay.

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
Beach vibes

Spa Diane is also amazing, I had a relaxing massage and I literally napped throughout it. My therapist was amazing, got me to a really comfortable stay and I definitely think you should try their treatments during your stay. If you have any questions about your skin, pains and aches, they can help out with a consultation too.

Hotel Barriere le Majestic Cannes
A famous facade
Fancy a dip 😉

All in all, I can definitely recommend the hotel as the place to be in Cannes. It is classic, luxury glamour with a twist.

I WAS INVITED TO REVIEW HOTEL Barriere le Majestic Cannes.

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