Dear readers,

It has been a year this month since I launched imovingtolondon.com and my Instagram account. This is such an emotional post for me. Thank you for joining me on my journey, thank you for all the messages, likes, comments and encouragement through the past year. I am grateful for the new friends I made, the new skills I picked up and all the places I was able to visit. I am also really grateful for the things I learnt.

I wanted this post to be a reflection on the year gone, and some of the words of wisdom I wanted to share with people, who are planning to start their journey. Be that with their blog, Instagram or a personal project that matters to them.

Here are the 7 truths I learnt the last 365 days:

  1. A lot of people will say they will help – Once you share your idea, everyone will be on board to help, encourage you to do it etc…the reality is, pretty much nobody will help you. The amount of people I had promising me to write content, consider me for events, give me shout outs on Instagram, provide me with XYZ. None of the promises materialised. My advice: do it yourself, if anyone helps, count it as a blessing but do not depend on other people for your project/s
  2. You will get a lot of discouragement – The moment you launch the initial words of encouragement change. I mean where do I start? Everyone (literally everyone) just knows that what you are doing, is not going to work out or has an opinion on how to do it better. When you sit down, 1 year later and look back, it sounds funny, but your day 1, week 1, month 1, it makes you want to cry. Literally – cry. My advice: remember, very few people in your life actually want to see you succeed. Eyes on the prize, if you are doing what you are doing with love, passion and dedication, you will be successful. Haters gonna hate as the saying goes 😉
  3. You will have a lot of sleepless nights – it will look much easier than it actually is, and you will miss a lot of details that will crop up in the process. My advice: just be prepared for it, and it will be OK. In the end, it all works out.
  4. Your first success will be priceless – whatever you have set your goal to be, the day the first glimpse of it appears, will be one of the most memorable days of your life. My advice: know that this day will come, and let this be your guiding principle during the bad days.
  5. You will make new friends – it feels very lonely at the start, however the time will come, you will meet like minded individuals, and you will know you are not alone. What you are feeling, most on your path have felt. My advice: it all comes with time. However, find like minded people and reach out. Find other bloggers/Instagrammers, message them and meet for a coffee. It is scary to do so but I realised that a lot of these people out there, were a nice, friendly bunch. Then one day, the point will come when people start reaching out to you. You will make some good friends.
  6. A lot of people always judge the end result – looking back now, over the past year, and talking to people here and now, I have learnt that most look at the end result and not the journey.  My advice: not everyone needs to know your story, so make the difference between friends and random people you meet. The people who care will ask, as they know nothing in life comes that easy. The others will just assume that it all just came together, no effort required (ha, ha)
  7. Learn to enjoy your success – at the end of the day, even starting on your path is a success. You are 1 step closer to your dream. Learn to enjoy it and reward yourself for the little wins. Don’t let people’s opinions guide you, as per point 1 eyes on the prize

I had an interesting path the last 1 year. It was not always easy. Seeing 1 person, visiting my website per day, was not the most encouraging (that person being my mom). However, as time passed things changed. My mom and her friends started visiting my blog (just kidding). I started receiving messages from people from all around the world, asking for tips, asking to meet up or just having a chat. This is why I started this blog, to connect with the world and hopefully write some useful articles.

Thank you guys, I love you all.

Deyana xoxo

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