Why aye man, I made the trip up North and it was champion. OK, this is all I can handle from my new Northern dictionary. Joke aside, Newcastle and the Lake District – put those destinations on your must visit list in the UK, as they are both amazing.

Beautiful alleys

When I opened my #GreatBritishSurprise envelope and it said Newcastle and the Lake District, I was excited but at the same time I did not know what to expect from newcastle in particular. Given most of my information about the town was based on watching Geordie Shore back in the day, I was not sure how would I fit this on my feed. I took the train from King’s Cross 2h 50min later I was in the Toon and oh my, oh my, was it beautiful.

Stunning buildings
Just walk around the sleepy streets in the early morning
There is even a beach 🙂

The town’s architecture dates back to Roman times but also boasts beautiful modern creations such as the Millennium bridge. I arrived at night but I can already see that Geordie Shore was not necessarily representative of what newcastle is all about 🙂  I headed over to Malmaison hotel, right off the Millennium Bridge, to get some rest and get ready to explore the next day.

Hello yum waffles, so good

My Newcastle highlights are listed below. The cool thing is that the city is very much walkable, so all of the below can be achieved without any use of transport – mint 😉

The Glamorous Owl Gift shop

Newcastle, Glamorous Owl
This must be one of the cutest places in the UK

Visit this hidden beauty and the alleys surrounding it. So pretty, resembling the famous Harry Potter alley in Convent Garden. There are pubs and cafes around, so definitely visit this area.

The Baltic Centre

An old flour mill, this concrete beast of a building has been turned into an art centre and it has beautiful pieces on display. it also has 360 views of the town from its viewing points on the top floor.

The Botanist

Newcastle, the Botanist
How beautiful is this place?
Tile game is really strong

You just have to visit this bar/restaurant. It is one of the prettiest indoor spaces I have ever seen. It spans across 3 floors and the ceiling is a majestic dome. The interior are flowers, greenery, tiles and gin – what else do you need in life?

The arcade

This hidden gem, is right off of the High street


It is a shopping arcade with tile and ceiling game to compete with the Royal Arcade near Bond street, so I would suggest you pay it a quick visit and admire the craftsmanship.

Places to have a bite, that I really enjoyed.

By the River Brew Co Träkol Restaurant

Great food and drinks by the river

Right on Quayside, this bar/restaurant is located in a what appears to be a shipping container. They have every brew in the world, so if you are a fan of beer and ale, this is the place to be. They have a beautiful deck, for the sunny days. The food is exceptionally good and hearty, the steak comes highly recommended.

Dobson and Parnell

We had dinner at Dobson and Parnell. It is fancy but chilled at the same time. I thought all the tables around us were on a date. It looks like one of those special places you take your loved one to celebrate a special day, or impress on a first date. The food is artistic and yum, the desserts were the highlight for me (as usual) 🙂


You have got mail

Before going on this experience, I would have never put Newcastle on a ‘must visit’ list. However, I absolutely loved it and I think if you plan on traveling in the UK, or you are just visiting, try and pop over North. The difference is primarily in how warm and welcoming the people are. They will always stop to have a chat, and make you feel right at home.

This trip was a paid partnership with Visit Britain.

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