One of the most surprising destinations for me has been Ljubljana. I did not necessarily have an expectation to what it should be, however the only word to describe it is – magical. Going to Slovenia for a day and half as I did is merely not enough to admire this stunning country, however even with limited time try and give it a visit.

Also, it is almost Christmas time, and if you are in a bit of wonder where to go and what to do, I would strongly recommend this beauty. It will also give you an opportunity to hop over to famous Lake Bled and admire a truly fairytale scene in winter.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
I love the eerie vibes to be honest

Lubljana Castle

Ljubljana, Slovenia
You cannot see the castle due to the fog but it overlooks the city from above

Ljubljana is a hilly town, and you can walk up and down around the Medieval castle, that sits on top to protect the city. Originally constructed around the 11th century, it gives you all those history feels. It offers great views of the city, exhibitions and cafes. In 1 word it is – beautiful. When I visited, there was that snowy fog that surrounds towns in winter, so visibility was poor. However, that made the scenery only more perfect in my opinion, as I truly felt transported back in time.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
I love the colours that paint Ljubljana’s streets
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Also, hello matchy, matchy

Coffee shops

Lolita is a must visit

Ljubljana has beautiful coffee shops and traditional cakes. With all the cold, you will probably want to stock up on sugar and carbs, and the city’s cafes do not disappoint. I visited Lolita to start with ‘Gibanica‘. A cake listed under the EU’s Traditional Specialty Guaranteed – meaning only certified producers can offer this. It is yum. An interesting texture and taste, surrounded by the lush decor of Lolita is definitely a must do on your visit.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
The cake, I absolutely devoured 😀

You obviously have to visit CRNO ZRNO. This coffee shop is owned by a Brazilian guy, who followed his heart all the way to Ljubljana. If you want a love story with your morning coffee, head over there. It opens at 11 though 🙂 Also, the interior is to die for, tiles and pants and wood. So many instagram opportunities.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Instagram heaven, yes. You are welcome


Ljubljana, Slovenia
A door always holds a special place in my heart

What can I say, we all know, I love a good door. If you do not know this, head over to my Instagram for some #doorporn. Ljubljana is a door heaven, especially the street of CRNO ZRNO. It reminded me of East London somehow, random i know, but it is stunning.

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Especially when it mixes Halloween and Christmas 2 in 1
Ljubljana, Slovenia
The letter boxes, the bear, the everything
Ljubljana, Slovenia
The colour and detail on this door though…
..and my personal favourite belle of the ball. This is perfection


Ljubljana, Slovenia

You have to try the food from the street markets. It is insanely good and cheap. The long meatball looking things are divine, and I am genuinely considering flying back this year just so I can have them again. Kind of drooling while writing this.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Intercontinental Ljubljana
Look-y look-y

I stayed in Intercontinental Ljubljana, and it was amazing. It is a very modern property, overlooking the town with super kind staff. Full review can be found here.

The Old town is beautiful, with small shops, bridges connecting the two sides of the city and vibrance. I absolutely loved the jewellery shops by the way, they have some really cute pieces I have not seen before. If you are into that, head over to the back streets to explore.

I would definitely recommend a visit to this beautiful town in Christmas, or any season really.

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