I travel a lot, and sometimes I have wondered – why can’t I just book a hotel room for the day and not pay full price? When Dayuse reached out to me, so we could collaborate, I was excited to try the product and talk about it.

Who are Dayuse?

Dayuse - book day time hotels
Enjoying Dayuse at Marriott Park Lane

Dayuse, are a daytime hotel booking platform, that allows the customer to book hotels around the globe for up to 75% off market value, offering free cancellation and access to all hotel amenities. Available in 23 countries and 500 cities, you can confirm your stay in 3 clicks – the dream.

I think it makes so much sense – being able to book a hotel for the day (instead of the night), pay much less than what the rate of the hotel is, enjoy all of its facilities and check out by 5pm.

How to enjoy Dayuse?

Dayuse - book day time hotels
This was all waiting for me

I will tell you a funny story, in which Dayuse would have saved me but I did not know about it. For some of you, who have followed me for some time, you may remember that last year I got my hot water cut out. It wasn’t a day or two it went on for more than 2 weeks. It was kind of summer but still not warm enough to take cold showers. I literally had to beg the guy in the hotel next to my house to allow me to use a room, so I can shower but just charge me for 1-2 hours. Now, I know how this sounds, however in today’s world – life happens. If I had Dayuse, I would not need to have weird conversations at reception, I could just book whatever suited my needs then, have my shower, chill a bit and leave. This is a funny example and possibly a very particular one about the service’s use. However thinking about travel and layovers, if you are not flying First, there are no cool lounges to chill in and take a nap, or a shower. Dayuse offers anyone the opportunity to just check in, in the nearest hotel, have some amazing food, a fluffy bed and even a spa (depending on the hotel you book of course).

I got to experience Marriott Park Lane, in between my travels. I arrived at 9, got a quick check in and then breakfast was at my doorstep in no time. I was also super lucky, as I got given a massive suite to enjoy my time in, and properly unwind. The hotel boasts a huge swimming pool, sauna and a steam room, which I had full access to, with my Dayuse booking, at no extra charge.

Dayuse - book day time hotels
You get to enjoy all facilities

Also, if you do not live in central London and you fancy a bit of shopping, sight seeing or just a treat for the day, you can book so many luxury, centrally located hotels for a fraction of the price.

Overall my experience was super smooth and enjoyable. I think a service like this makes so much sense, for busy travellers or staycations, so next time you have a day that you are unsure what to do with, you are tired during a layover, or they kill your hot water – Dayuse is the place to check for salvation 🙂

This content has been sponsored by Dayuse, however I have truly enjoyed the experience provided by them either way 🙂


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