I love plants. I think they have also learnt to love me, as they do not seem to die at an alarming rate in my hands anymore. Last week, I got invited to a really cool activity for any plant lover – build my own herb garden in a pot with Lavender Green Flowers. I wanted to share this article today and celebrate Earth Day, doing my bit, one plant a time.

Build a herb garden

Lavender Green Flowers are known to be one of the best florists around, with more than 25 years experience in decorating exclusive events. The team are really passionate in what they do and it definitely transcribes into their final creations. Also, I love the fact that they are looking at more long lasting floristry where the decorations they do are in pots. Guests can take them home, enjoy them longer but also be environmentally conscious by not cutting flowers.

Build a herb garden

I was so excited to learn how to make my own little garden. As you know, London is famous for its large square footage for flats (said no one ever), so optimising space is essential. If you, like me, love plants and want to grow your own, follow the below step by step guide on building your own, little apartment garden. (Thought by real experts, not me).

Step 1 Pick your pot

Build a herb garden
India was the best teacher and such a happy, positive person

I picked a ceramic looking pot, as it fits with the rest of my plants’ homes, however you can pick a wooden box style, giving a super rustic vibe. In my pot, I managed to fit in 4 herbal plants comfortably.

Step 2 Pick you herbs

Build a herb garden

I picked based on things I like to smell (as my cooking skills are far from me using anything, as Deliveroo does it for me). My choices were Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Mint and Lemon Mint. Yes, I like mojitos you got me πŸ™‚ I also love basil on everything. The smell and the look and feel really go together.

Step 3 Line your pot

You need to line your pot, so water does not leak. Apparently you should do it irrespective of the pot. Use transparent cellophane to do so.Β  Leave it hanging upwards from the pot’s edges, as it will help you put the soil in without spilling it everywhere. You can cut it out, close to the pot’s edge once you finish planting everything.

Step 4 Add a drainage system

It sounds really complicated but it is simple. Get some white cushioning (like the one your TV comes wrapped in) , crash it into tiny pieces and then line up your pot. Jut 1 layer, so do not pile it up. Apparently this allows water to drain properly and not flood your plants.

Step 5 Add soil

Add a thin line of soil to cover the lining. Then you need to position your herbs, so make sure not to put too much.

Step 6 Add your herbs

Build a herb garden

Once you have lined up your pot, start plotting your herbs, in a visually pleasing way. Make sure they have enough space in between each other, so don’t cram them together. I probably could have fitted one more in the pot but then it would have been too much.

Step 7 Add more soil

Build a herb garden

Once your herbs have been positioned, start adding more soil. The soil needs to be just shy off the edge of the pot. Make sure to fill the gaps in the middle of the herbs as well, not just the edges. Now it is a good time to cut off the cellophane left over, right next to the edge of the pot.

Step 8 (Optional) Add moss

It is not a must but it adds a cool look and feel to the end result and it is really satisfying to touch. At least this was my favourite part, playing with moss and pulling it apart to line up the top of my creation. Weirdo, I know.

Last optional step, get a cat or two to admire your new creation πŸ™‚

Build a herb garden
They love it

Voila, you are done. The instructions for carrying for your newly created garden are simple. Leave it on a window seal and water with half a cup of water every other day. Do not over water, as it will rot the roots. Enjoy your fresh herbs in food, cocktails or just as decoration.

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