London, Regent street
London, Regent street

I have been one of those passive standby-ers when it comes to the Brexit. I do not vote, I do not really believe that any political power will solve any issues, I have just given up on the concept of believing in a party’s values. However, I recently read an article on the Brexit topic, which made me feel that I should have a roam around and ask some questions, get to know what people think. And, also give my own opinion – not that my opinion is so important but I feel I should have one. At the end of the day it seems that the Brexit is to deal with ‘immigrants’, like myself, coming from Eastern Europe and stealing the whatever is rightfully owned by the British people. As well as some modern day battle of the proletariat versus the elite, kind of a continuation of the we are the 99%.

For starters, Donald Trump believes in the Brexit, and even if you are a passionate Brexiter do you really want to be associated with any causes Donald Trump believes in? Just in case you have been living under a rock, and you are unaware who Donald Trump is – US Presidential candidate (R), who loves being tanned orange, wears a dead animal on top of his head and oh – is the biggest racist and sexist of our time.

It seems like the purpose of these, let’s call them living outside the M25 Baby Boomers, see in the Brexit is to get rid of all the European immigration influx. It all started with the hatred towards the first wave of Eastern European immigrants coming from Poland – I was not here back then, I do not know why the Brits got so offended by the Polish nation. However when I came in 2010, the hierarchy went Polish, Bulgaria+Romania, other Eastern nations. Being a Bulgarian citizen it has stroked me numerous times, how the Brits take Bulgaria and Romania to be a joint entity or one of the same. Although Bulgaria has a population of about 7 million people, Romania give or take 20 million and there is a massive border between the 2. TherePopulation was a campaign back in 2014, how 70 million immigrants are getting ready to arrive in the UK on the 1/1/2014 – the day the UK had to open its job market to all EU member states. It was really sad to watch the desperate reporters sitting at Heathrow airport post New Year’s Eve on the 1st waiting for the zombie apocalypse from Eastern Europe to arrive and some 2-3 people showed up. (Graph on the side shows the combined population of Bulgaria+Romania+Poland)

Probably some people who read this post would think that I should not have an opinion, as I am an immigrant, possibly I should be grateful for being here and bow my head and thank the Gods for being allowed to live in the UK. However, I beg to differ. I work, I pay massive amount of taxes every month. Every day on my way to the station in the morning, I pass by a council estate, looking at those same people who will possibly vote to leave the EU (to get rid of the immigrants, you see, or to punish the 1%) walking their weird dogs, yelling at their kids and living in Kensington for like 1/20th of what I pay per month for my flat, sponsored by the taxes I pay. Isn’t that ironic?

A Brexiter
A Brexiter

And then there are the Boomers, all proud and British in their paid off houses with their nice pensions, sitting and dictating the Millenials’ future lives. Like, hello, we want freedom of movement, we want to be multicultural, we want to have open markets and free trade. We want a future. The same future, the Boomers were granted back in the day – with the guaranteed jobs and the booming economy. I just do not understand why people in their 60s should be allowed to take decisions impacting primarily people outside of their age group, who are just starting their careers/lives/travels/(insert interest)? At the end of the day, times are not what they used to be, and most of us do not really want to go back to the 20th century.

I see so many people complain about how the EU only benefits the 1%, how we should not believe what the 1% tells us. The reality is that each and every country in this union (including the UK) fought for democracy and capitalism – this is capitalism. There are rich and there are poor. People seem to think that they can have freedom, democracy, capitalism and 100% equality. It does not work this way. The Eastern nations are where they are, as they had that ‘equality’ until 1991, it is called communism and obviously something did not work out right.

I am not going to vote in this election, at the end of the day I am not a Brit. However, I just think that people should consider how much the Brexit is wishful thinking and how much is reality. At the end of the day I have seen people quote the movie V for Vendetta in terms of how political systems should work – ?!?!? I heard someone saying that  £300million will be invested in the NHS from all the money that will be saved for not paying fees to the EU. Do not fall prey of semantics, the current London mayor did tell us during election time, he will not raise the price of travel 😉  The money that everyone sees flowing in, once the UK leaves the EU, will be minimal compared to the losses out of the higher trading costs, businesses exiting and human capital departure.

At the end of the day if the Brexit happens, it will be more beneficial having a Bulgarian passport than a British one, as I am pretty sure Europe is not going to make it easy for the Brits to leave their all so precious and independent state, but still an island state. All those weekend getaways to flee from the lovely British weather will become – a thing of the past. At the end of the day, who cares about freedom of movement, free trade and multiculturalism, the Brexit will give the Brits ‘freedom’.

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