Becoming a host on AirBnB can be an interesting decision. I started hosting back in 2015 but it took me awhile to get onboard with the idea. Strangers? In my home? Not for me…However, I gave it some more thought and given how many people are doing it, I convinced myself to get over the bias and give it a try.  I love  meeting new people and making friends, and I thought that through hosting on AirBnB I can give it a try. At the end of the day, if it did not work out, I could always take the listing down and not host anymore, right?  Working with the travel industry for the whole of my working career had also prepared me to think about – what would my guests want out of my home?

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I always appreciate the details when I travel, be that in an AirBnB, BnB or a hotel. The category or star rating really does not matter sometimes, as I have stayed in 5 star central city hotels that have been worse equipped with amenities than a small BnB in the mountains. I decided that I want to create a little enclave of tranquility for my guests, where they do not need to think ‘Gee, I forgot my toothbrush where is the nearest store? ‘ arriving at 11pm at night exhausted after travelling.

Personal touches:


It takes a small amount of money to make a little amenities cabinet for your guests. Up to you if you want to include it in the price of the room or not. I just bought mine and left them as gifts for my guests, if they needed any. I think it makes your home more welcoming for the person, as well as adding your personal touch as a welcome. Below is a list of ideas, what you can leave in your amenities cabinet.


2 x small jars

2 x big packets of marshmallows

Sets of small bottles



Toothbrush pack of 5


Mini toothpastes

Mini mouthwashes

Coffee sachets

Pack of tea

Mini sugar packs

1 x big bottle of shower gel

1 x big bottle of body lotion

1 x big bottle of shampoo


4 sets of pastel towels

The total cost of the above was about £25 and it lasted for months.

I filled the small jars from Tiger with marshmallows and left them on my guests pillows as a welcome gift. I filled in the small bottle I bought from Tiger with the shampoo and shower gels and left a set for my guests to use. I left a note explaining that I am leaving all these things for them, and to please use them if they needed to, if not, to please leave them in the amenities cabinet for the next guest. I would check post departure to ensure that anything left for the new guests has not been opened by the previous one 🙂

Setting up my listing:


1 thing I made very clear in my listing, is that I have 2 cats, and they are there to stay. I even shared pictures of them and explained that if anyone has any allergies, the room won’t be suitable for them unfortunately. Most of my guests were looking forward to meeting the cats to be honest. If you do have a pet, please share this on your listing. I do not let the cats in the bedrooms to avoid hairs in the bed linen, however if the guests wanted to play with them they were more than welcome to.

A lot of people just want to stay for the cats

I had clear age requirements for my guests and the number of people I was looking to accommodate. I think the more clear you are with your listing, the better fit guests you are going to get.

Spend time chatting with your upcoming guests and make sure you feel comfortable with them being in your home. You can always decline a request if something does not click.

I got the house cleaned up prior to welcoming my first guests and ensured that they room and bathroom were squeaky clean. Nothing worse than going into a dirty house and being stuck there.

New listing coming up soon, HMU

I was all set to welcome my first guests.


This post was written as an independent review in collaboration with airbnb. my opinions reflect my own genuine experience.


  1. Great tips and as a Airbnb user I’d love to arrive to these treats

  2. Such useful tips! Love using Airbnb as a guest but this might just make me sign up as a host!

  3. This is such a good idea! As an customer I always love the personal touches and these are amazing ideas!

    Love the post D 🙂

    • Thank you D. I just struggle when I go to places and there are not basic things available, I mean I forget things all the time haha x

  4. Wow… I’m following you in instagram, but i didn’t know you are air bnb host. How can I found you there?? I would love to stay at your place, when i’m in London.

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