I have dreamt about this car, because it is stunning. If I could be a car, I would be a Morgan, duhhh. I could not express my excitement when the London Morgan got in touch and offered to give me a car for a few days to try it out. Dreams do come true. They are located in Astwood Mews, right behind Gloucester road station. A side track here but even the garage for the cars is in a stunning location., so the experience of picking it up is beauty on beauty.

The London Morgan
Picking up your Morgan is a beutiful experience, surrounded by #plant_problems

What is a Morgan car?

The London Morgan
A handmade beauty

I met Gregory, who kindly explained to me what to do with the Morgan. First and foremost, these cars are brand new. They have a vintage look and feel, they are 100% handmade but the engine inside is 21st century. This means, they are really powerful beasts. My Morgan (aka Roger, as a car like this needs a name), went from 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds.  However, no power steering and ABS, so you have to get accustomed to driving it first.

How does it feel to drive a Morgan?

The London Morgan
Mayfair vibes

I got a tutorial on how to take down the windows and roof, ad it is a whole process and I was set to go on my way. Now, if you want to gather attention with your next car purchase, think no more, just buy a Morgan. People, absolutely love it. I have made multiple new friends throughout my time with Roger (the Morgan), as people stop to ask questions, take photos with it and just interact with the car. Given that there are about 800 made a year, it is a rare sight on the streets and its unique exterior is an attention magnet. It is not so much fun when everyone observes your lame parking skills but… (I am so bad at parking haha). Driving it is an insanely pleasurable experience. The car is powerful, so you can roar that engine and go both high way or country roads. I even drove it in the pouring rain last Saturday (where it felt you needed Noah’s arc really) and it was absolutely fine, it has a perfect grip on the road. It is a long front car, which takes some time getting used to depending on what you have driven in the past.

The London Morgan
It is made to be seen around the ‘hood
The London Morgan
Mount street, Mayfair

Where to take a Morgan for a ride?

The London Morgan
Finding friends to hang out with
The London Morgan
When you find the perfect matching pallette

I explored driving in London on a Sunday morning, which is my favourite time of the week. When everyone is still asleep and the streets are empty. Driving around some iconic places in this iconic car, provided the opportunity to photograph it, almost without being disturbed. Also, hotel doormen have been very friendly, offering me to park in front and take photos. Thanks guys, it was fun to see the car parked in front of Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge and The Chesterfield in Mayfair.

The London Morgan
Hanging out in Knightsbridge

I guess the most fun for me was going to Notting Hill and play ‘Park Roger’, in front of every single, pastel house I dearly love. I met a lovely Japanese couple who also wanted to take photos with the car and were really interested knowing more about it.

The London Morgan
Everyone is curious to see the car
The London Morgan
Finding colourful spots

If you want to enjoy a similar experience why not give London Morgan a call? They are starting their hire services in July, and if you cannot buy one, you can at least have one for a bit 🙂

Pay them a visit:

6 Astwood Mews




020 7244 7323

***The car was gifted to me for a duration, to document my experience

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