The animal lover in me squirmed with joy when I got to know that I am walking with alpacas, as part of the #GreatBritishSurprise campaign. I bloody LOVE alpacas. They are the softest being on earth, the cutest beings and also the most curious beings. I feel like I need to calm down my excitement to actually write this article.

Alpaca farm Lake District
Meet Jasper, my beautiful new friend, who was also a showcase alpaca

Let’s start from the beginning. Alpacaly ever after was born as an interesting idea between Terry and Emma, thinking what to do in their spare time. I completely agree with them – there is nothing better than raise a herd of abandoned alpacas. Their beautiful farm is located in the Lake District, and is growing its happy inhabitants year after year.

Alpaca farm Lake District
Jasper was really curious and it feels like he was convincing me to explore 😀

Hearing the story while I went to meet the gorgeous animals, gave me that warm, fuzzy awwwww feeling. The farm is based on the stunning and very picture perfect grounds of the Lingholm Estate. Walk for a few minutes and you will also be greeted by  the beautiful shores of Derwent Water, through the private grounds of the estate where Beatrix Potter spent many Summers.

Alpaca farm Lake District
Meet Michael, exploring the estate

There are about 50 alpacas and some lamas in the farm. You can book a walk, and enjoy the grounds together with your furry companions, who will hummm along happily walking with you.

Here are some fun facts about alpacas:

Alpaca farm Lake District
  1. They are classified as pets in the UK, so you do not need a special license to own one – guess what I am getting for Christmas
  2. You cannot just own one – alpacas are herd animals and they need friends. Like for real, they die of loneliness if you adopt only one.
  3. They make weird sounds when they are happy – it sounds like a squeaky noise but it is called humming and it is pure joy
  4. They are scared of dogs, any dogs – as the natural predator for the alpaca is the dingo/mountain lion, they associate dogs with those and are scared of them. It makes them uneasy to be around pups, so if you are a dog owner unfortunately the alpaca route may not be for you
  5. They are SO curious – anything that happens, they need to look at it and explore it, a bit like a cat
  6. Do not touch their backs or heads, as they may kick – alpacas associate their back being touched with another alpaca trying to mount them (war!), so you need to avoid touching them there, as they may get distressed. They have a blind spot between their eyes, so touching their head may scare them off too
  7. Pet their gorgeous necks though – it makes them happy, it is soothing for them, and it is the softest spot you will touch
Alpaca farm Lake District
We are hanging out

You can book your walk here. I loved the experience, it was so serene, the estate is magical, and the alpacas are a pleasure to hang out with. They are super calm and you can hang out by the lake for ages, looking into the mountains and relaxing with your new furry friend.

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