In a nutshell – this blog is about me, the things I do, the places I have been and the ones I still have not managed to get to. I love to travel and I move around a lot. A quick bio: born in Bulgaria, grew up in the Middle East, moved to Malta and now living in London.

…I fell in love… with a city – London.

I want to share my moments in and outside of it. I write about my experiences and tips for living in London. I do live Q&A sessions on my Instagram, where I answer all kinds of questions relating to moving here or anything else you guys are curious about.
I have always wanted to have a little space of the Internet that is only mine, and I can just share love, thoughts, beauty and some tears (sometimes). I enjoy creating content both visual and written, and I hope you enjoy reading it x

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Any post that you read, discussing websites/places/products etc… is not paid content just my own opinion and personal experience. If any content is paid for it will be marked as ‘sponsored’. I value your time and the fact that you chose to spend it reading my posts, so my aim is to help out and not to promote third parties. All views are my own.