Magnolia in London, blooming magnolia in London. It has become synonymous with beauty and Instagram craze. Everyone’s feeds turn flowery, pale pink during the start of spring. I get so many questions about locations and advice of finding these beautiful trees that I decided to create and share this guide with you – the Instagram magnolia trail of London.

I have been thinking loads about publishing guides of magnolia, wisteria and blooms. It is a controversial topic within the Insta community – should we share all these spots or should we keep them to ourselves (channeling Lord of the Rings: preciouuussss). However, I recently visited Amsterdam and thought – I only have 3 days, and not enough time to explore every single corner, so wouldn’t it be good to know some of those pretty spots, I can go and admire or snap? Also, art and creativity is about sharing.

So here it is my dears, a guide to the blooming magnolia trees in West London. I hope when you visit next spring, you can go and admire these beauties. Obviously not an exhaustive list but it is the ones I have met through the years. I am just providing the name of the roads they live on, and a visual reference, you can take a walkΒ  and discover them.

A note: please do not disturb the residents of the area or be intrusive to their homes. They have created something beautiful for us to admire not to impose.

Portland road (Notting Hill)

Magnolia in London
This gorgeous magnolia beauty lives there
Magnolia in London
It is also very pretty when not in full bloom

Chesson road (West Kensington)

Magnolia in London
One of my personal favourites

Magnolia in London

Little Boltons (Chelsea)

Magnolia in London
The star of 2018 resides right here, together with an array of different blooming friends

Earls court gardens (Kensington)

Magnolia in London

Redcliffe Gardens (Kensington)

Magnolia in London
Right on the main street but still a beauty

Victoria road and around it (Kensington)

Magnolia in London
Around this street there are so many, just walk around and you will find 10s of trees
Magnolia in London
One of my favourite magnolia shots in 2018

Bramerton street (Chelsea)

Magnolia in London
I am always late capturing the Queen B, however you know which tree this is. You must have seen it 100s of times and it is stunning when in full bloom

Addison road (Kensington)

Magnolia in London
On a main road but an absolute beauty

Happy snapping and I hope you enjoyed these. They are all within a walking distance of each other (a day of walking) but makes for the perfect our of the west πŸ™‚ x


  1. What is the best time to come to London to see blooming magnolia?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hey Elina, they usually bloom between March and April depending on the weather πŸ™‚ not a precise answer but if you aim to come around mid March you are almost certain to find some of the beauties blooming.

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