Regent street
Regent street

Without a doubt London is one of those cities that changes a person. Slowly but surely you become a newly crafted version of yourself. Below are the signs, see how many do you tick 🙂 :

Earl's Court station
Earl’s Court station
  1. You always stand on the right or walk on the left

  2. You understand the above sentence without the need for clarification

  3. You do not make eye contact – EVER and you ignore anyone who does (they must be new here, they will learn)

  4. Cockfosters does not make you chuckle

  5. You do not even blink when your monthly rent costs as much as a small car

  6. Eating, drinking, walking, spending time by yourself without feeling lonely

  7. Glam up for the day, full hair and make up and in your trainers – because London

  8. You still remmeber your first part-time job, which allowed you to finish at 5:30

  9. You live in a circle – the M25 circle that is

  10. Your weekends are mostly spent with Netflix with or without the Chill, and you totally relate to all these internet memes

  11. Weather conversations are actually meaningful and you actually care, because it is important to know when this 1 day of summer is going to be

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